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What is a Brazillian Blow Out?


  Brazilian Blowout professional smoothing treatments are the most innovative and effective in the world. These smoothing treatments actually improve the condition of the hair by creating a protective protein layer around the hair shaft to eliminate frizz and smooth the cuticle.  The end result is smooth, frizz-free hair with radiant shine! The treatment can last up to 12 weeks if the Acai After-Care Maintenance product line is used. Consultations are required before the first treatment.

What is Balayage?


  Balayage is, in fact, a technique; It is not a look. Balayage is a technique in which color/ lightener is painted onto the hair, and processed until it is dried. Because it is an "open-air" application,  the results are subtle and have a "sun-kissed" effect. If one wishes to achieve maximum lift, or a brighter and lighter result, foilyage or foils should be used.

What is Foilyage?


  Foilyage is a technique where the color/lightener is painted on the hair, just like balayage, but then wrapped in foils. This gives a brighter and lighter effect. This technique is ideal for dark haired guests and is one of my favorite techniques!

Why  do  salon  appointments  take  longer  than  they   used  to?


  Many of the styles and looks you see in the media ( ombre, icey blondes, vivids, lived-in color) require much more detail than your standard partial highlights and grey coverage appointments. Sometimes a clarifying treatment, detailed foil work, post color treatment, olaplex treatment, or  toning process can make an otherwise quick appointment turn into a lengthy one. These steps help to achieve a truer tone, keep the hair healthier, and can help color last longer. My goal is to ensure that not only do my guests love their hair, but that the health of the hair stays in tact. 

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